Sexy “The Big Bang Theory” Actress Kaley Cuoco Pictures

Kaley Cuoco is a young actress that is uber sexy and she definitely knows it. She has been playing the role of Penny on The Big Bang Theory since 2007; which she has received great reviews for. Cuoco made a huge impression on viewers once she began playing the role of Bridget Hennessy in 8 Simple Roles from 2002-2005. These days she continues on the hit series The Big Bang Theory and working on films such as Scribble. Check out @KaleyCuoco via Twitter to see what the sexy actress is up too.

Eva Longoria Is Dating NY Jets Player Mark Sanchez

It seems that Eva Longoria cannot stay away from athletes as she is now dating Mark Sanchez from the NY Jets. Longoria seems not to realize that she doesn’t have the best track record when it comes to dating athletes. She seems to be one of those women who keeps going out with the wrong type of guys and never learns their lesson. Oh well, that is her choice and lets see how long this relationship will last. Look at how ridiculous this outfit of Australian Model Jessica Hart Sporting Short Shorts.

Hannah Montana Styles Mop

Last night engaged Miley Cyrus made her mind up that she was going to trim her hair style. Hardcore fans everywhere met the decision with shock. The update spread through the Twitter community as Disney Star Hannah Montana displayed the photos of her newly trimmed hair style. Celeb big timer hair fashionista Chris McMillan labored over the deed of styling her hair to short length. All the while he kept Cyrus’ All-American persona. Fans everywhere wondered her plans for her upcoming wedding with Liam Hemsworth considering her new hair cut. But for sure both Billy Ray Cyrus and her soon to be husband sincerely loved her changed haircut. The photo is via Miley Cyrus Twitter account.

Miley Cyrus Sports A Rocker Haircut

Engaged Miley Cyrus decided to impact the social media community when she put up a new gallery of pictures of herself with her hair chopped off. She had well known hair cutter Chris McMillan shave all of her locks completely off and she enjoys every single moment of attention she is getting. Ms. Miley Cyrus struggles to shed away from the Disney star that a lot of people look at her as to be. Tons of fans are absolutely hoping that she has plans on wearing a wig for her upcoming wedding though, because that hairstyle is a bit odd. Ms. Miley Cyrus’ fiancé must be totally in love with her as that haircut is not normal. The image is courtesy of Miley Cyrus Twitter account- @MileyCyrus.

Obsourne Moving Forward With Multiple Sclerosis

Several days ago Mr. Jack Osbourne announced that he has been diagnosed with MS. This report is touching due to he was given the diagnosis of this disease just 2 weeks after the welcoming of his daughter, Pearl Clementine. It has been said that Jack Osbourne found out about his incurable disease earlier this year during the Spring time.  He revealed to People magazine, “I was just angry and frustrated and kept thinking, “Why now?’” Mr. Jack Osbourne is twenty six years old, and doctors have stated that a lot of men and women are diagnosed in the age range of 20-50 years old.  MS is a serious disease that mainly attacks the CNS aka central nervous system. Men and women with multiple sclerosis experience percentage of vision lost, numbness in the limbs and maybe even paralysis. MD professionals have expressed that with the right prescriptions Jack Osbourne will have a active life with many wonderful years.

Ms. Upton Filming The “Cat Daddy” On Youtube Video

Model Kate Upton has came to be the most loved model of every single male due to that she has a marvelous body. Kate Upton slim body, beautiful curves and big boobies, which can be looked at boastfully featured in the GQ July issue.

The hot model will be seen wearing a American themed swimsuit. This model became well known when a clip of her dancing the “Cat Daddy” was added on YouTube, but was temporarily yanked due to breaching the rules of the website. Several hundreds of YouTube members disapproved of the decision and the clip was added back onto the website.  Be sure to keep searching up info on this good looking twenty year old model as she is foreseen to to be doing amazing stuff with her future.


Celebrating The King Of Pop Passing

The 25th of June marks the three year anniversary of the King of Pop’s deceased. That was a very distressed day when MJ perished at the age of 50 from chest pains in his house. Dr. Conrad Murray was his at private doctor which was over prescribing him. As soon as the coroner exposed that the sudden death was a murder case, Dr. Murray was accused manslaughter and is doing time in jail for a term of 4 years.

Michael Jackson truly had one of the best music artist careers to date and he personally mentor lots of day dreaming music artists. Thousands of loyal fans and quite a few of singers became active on their Twitter profiles to say something sincere for the deceased pop icon. Michael Jackson’s tracks will survive forever for decades to come live on till the world ends.