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Mike Imber might be best known for his efforts for Kimbo. Not only is Mike Imber Kimbo’s manager and promoter, but he is most trusted friend.


You can hardly read about Kimbo without hearing about Mike Imber. In a short amount of time, Mike Imber has helped Kimbo go from a viral YouTube star, to a UFC fighter and now a pro boxer.

Aside from all the work he does with Kimbo, Mike Imber also does a ton of greatwork in the local community. His most recent undertaking involves raising awareness for Autism through several different events. For more updates on everything having to do with Mike Imber, keep coming back here for more on Mike.

Apparently Icey Mike has been on Kimbo side from the very beginning going as far back as to his number #1 back yard fight and through his days as an unknown street fighter in which he made a name for himself in 305.

Icey Mike has been there as Kimbo promoter from the very beginning. Icey Mike was also, there rooting for the 6′ 2″, 225 pounds, Kimbo on his pro boxing premiere in which he came out triumphant.

Mike Imber

There’s no doubt that Icey Mike and Kimbo are awesome sidekicks that only gain to each others prosperity.Kimbo has been training for several months now and there’s a lot coming up for the brawler in the coming future. With Icey Mike on his side, this is a union to be count noses. Not only are they buds that have each others back but it’s certain that these two are on the frame of thought and have made the perfect recipe for victory.